My YouTube Channel - PeteyHoudini

Petey in Calais

I started doing ukulele videos in May 2009 after I joined the German Ukulele forum. There were many zany players on that forum doing funny videos and that inspired me. I had never thought before to do ukulele videos but I got caught up in the German group's uke madness and I haven't stopped since. hehe LOL

Strangely enough back in 2007, I had already performed one funny ukulele song in English and French at a charity function for work. It was filmed. Look for Puttin' on the Fish in the list if you dare. hehe

So, what you see in this chronologically ordered video list is how I started off humbly and got better ukes, better playing techniques, better video editing skillls, and more original songs over time. I even started to do video ukulele reviews and ukulele chord tips. I really never expected to have done so much for a new instrument like the ukulele while I was in my 40s!