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Ukulele Stories from Berlin

Petey in Stahnsdorf




My three trips to Berlin (May and October 2011, September 2012) inspired me to write a collection of ukulele songs about that amazing city of Berlin.  I stayed in the cool Kreuzberg sector and I hung around some of my German ukulele playing friends. I went to Berlin three times to explore the city and that still was not enough. These songs are about the interesting things I saw.






  1. Room 51 in Kreuzberg
  2. Sparrow on a Tank
  3. Sexy, büt Poor
  4. Little Green Men in Berlin
  5. Walls Around Your Heart
  6. Sans, souci in the Castle
  7. Nosferatu's Last Song
  8. Dark Circles in Viktoria Park
  9. Gräffiti, Düst and Rüst
  10. See Ü Berlin

Stay tuned for the videos as I finish them.

Postcards from Lille

Petey in Calais

I travelled to Northern France back in 2008 and 2011. I wrote some ukulele songs about my travels. These videos are in my early days of ukulele playing and video editing so they are more raw. I will finish the remaining four song videos this year (2014).

  1. Lille
  2. Les Géants du Nord
  3. Dimanche à Calais
  4. Boulogne-sur-Mer
  5. Au cimetière de Roubaix
  6. Le tricorne
  7. Complainte de deux Anglais
  8. La vieille église
  9. Café du chagrin
  10. Ukulele on the Ferry

Feel free to do covers of any of my songs or arrangements. Free sheet music is available for most songs.