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Peter Forrest

Peter in Berlin My name is Peter Forrest and I'm an amateur Canadian ukulele player.


I live in Ottawa, Canada and I often use the nickname Petey, Pete, Pierrot, or just Peter. I speak English and French and I can get by in German. I am 55 years old and living vicariously through the ukulele in mid-life. LOL

I've been playing the ukulele since October 2006 in Ottawa, Canada and I am a member of the Bytown Ukulele Group (BUG). I am also a member of the 1st German Ukulele Club via the internet. I like to sing in many languages: English, French, German, and a little bit in Spanish, Russian, and Finnish. I've also been composing my own songs in English, French, and Finnish for the ukulele and I've uploaded my videos to YouTube.

The ukulele just keeps on inspiring me to write more songs again and again based on my travels and interesting things that I see. I also do video reviews of ukuleles and video tips.

I used to be a librarian and I have collected many ukulele books. My home town is Sarnia, Ontario Canada and I also lived many years in Montreal. Feel free to follow me on FaceBook if you like.

Cheers and happy strumming,

Peter Forrest, purveyor of Ukulele North
(Je parle également la langue de Molière)

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Peter Forrest in Hamburg in front of the John Lennon doorway

Petey in Hamburg, Germany. Hempel's Beatles Ukulele Tour September 2018 (John Lennon Rock and Roll Doorway)